Creative Live Games

The Creative Toys R&D Department – Creative Live Games – was created in 2019 with the purpose of developing products of excellence in Portugal for both national and international markets. In the first year of activity, more than 40.000 units of our products were sold in over 20 different markets.

Conscious that games and play are the training field for real life for children and for adults, we have the mission to create unique experiences and with a high inspirational value, always based on 4 fundamental pillars: Design, Technology, Market Trends and Innovation.

Creative Live Games - gather to play.

GO MASTER, Youtubers Edition

Ages: 8+

A board game where you can experience all the sensations of being a successful youtuber.

Choose your channel theme, overcome super fun challenges, win subscribers.

Train your communication skills, acting and also your improvisational skills by recording an incredible video full of special effects with the app “Go Master”.

When you reach 100,000 Subscribers, test your creativity by making an incredible video using themes and keywords that you will collect throughout the game.

Only then will you be named MASTER YOUTUBER.

Go Master Gamers Edition

Are you a fan of video games? This is the game for you. Launch your gaming channel, overcome super fun challenges and conquer subscribers.

Train your communication skills, acting and also your improvisational skills by recording an incredible video full of special effects with the app “Go Master”.


O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão
Ages: 16+

It's one thing to listen to Nuno Markl's “O Homem que Mordeu o Cão” in the mornings of Rádio Comercial... It's another to live it!

In O Homem que Mordeu o Cão, the players go in search of bizarre stories to tell, at the right time, and make their listeners laugh. The possibilities are endless!

Test your creativity and tell the best story! You will never need a conversational icebreaker in your life ever again!

O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão - Escândalos
Ages: 16+

If the original game was already a bizarre madness, this expansion raises the stakes, increases the danger – IT´S A SCANDAL! And incredibly: it can be played independently from the original one.


Unlikely locations, public figures, shameless actions, unbelievable explanations - the original was just the beginning.

O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão - Kids
Ages: 5+

More than ever, the game O Homem que Mordeu o Cão is now for the WHOLE family!

With this expansion, children can unleash their imagination, play and create their own bizarre stories - and the most amazing thing is that they can do it using the original game board... or just the content of this box!

Yes, kids: THIS BOX IS NOT ONLY AN EXPANSION - IT'S A FULL GAME! (Ah - and don't tell them anything, but the grown-ups can steal these cards from you and add them to theirs, to increase the madness of the original game).

O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão - Kids
Ages: 16+

This is the Deluxe Edition of the Party Game, The Man Who Bit the Dog - Handbook Edition.

For true fans of the saga!


Alien Beings. Global Domination. Mass Mind Control. Secret Organizations.

What are our rulers hiding from us and for what reason?

Discover encrypted messages, use the decoder and act out a good conspiracy theory to earn points!

A game for adults that takes advantage of the multiple meanings of common expressions to generate hilarious situations. Whoever gets the real meaning of these expressions faster wins the game. The biggest difficulty? Stop laughing. Discover how the Portuguese language can be so, but so treacherous…!

Football current expressions, memorable songs, thoughts of the day or even politics at their “best”, this is the Party Game where well-crafted phrases earn points!

Read the quote, guess its author and score points!

Ages: +12
Ages: +18
Ages: +16


Don't get caught.                  Stay anonymous!

This is a deduction game where players are hackers ready to launch their cyber-attacks.

The goal is to discover the identity, target and location of your opponent's cyberattack without getting caught!

This is a fun game that tests the speed of your observation skills.

Keep your attention on the game to make sure you're the first to spot players who have cards just like you, and yell out Jinx!

The slowest player will have to take all the cards on the table!

Give your artistic side free rein! Express your creativity!

Each creative piece represents parts of the human body with different perspectives, which you build like a domino!

This is the puzzle game that will free the Picasso in you!

Ages: +8
Ages: +5
Ages: +5

PIZZA BOY "Roma Mission"

You are a pizzaboy in Rome. Take orders and deliver the pizzas to grow your Pizzeria.

Buy the ingredients at the market, receive the pizza orders and grow your own pizzeria. The player who first manages to deliver all the pizzas to the correct addresses and deposit the money in the bank wins.

As you progress through the game you can block roads and lead the traffic to make it harder for your opponents. The mission gets harder and harder as the city streets become real mazes.

Build your city while playing with the new range of 3D Puzzle & Games.

Mad News

The Mad News game is based on Portugal’s number 1 top sales party game of 2019. “O Homem que Mordeu o Cão”, created by Nuno Markl, now adapted for the international market.

Take on the role of an intrepid reporter looking for the most bizarre NEWS HEADLINE!

Pick WHERE, WHO, WHAT, WHO TO, WHAT WITH and WHY cards to form the most bizarre NEWS HEADLINE. Roll the dice and move your pawn to get your story crazier and crazier. Land on a Breaking News space to share and elaborate your story. Be creative to win medals. The player with the most medals (awarded for the best bizarre stories) by the end of the game, win a… “Pulitzer”!

MAD NEWS is Good News!