Magicube Geomag - DINOSAURS - Packshot (a)
Magicube Geomag - DINOSAURS - Packshot (a)
Magicube Geomag - DINOSAURS - Model Allosaurus
Magicube Geomag - DINOSAURS - Model Trex
Magicube Geomag - DINOSAURS - Model Triceratopos

Magicube Dinosaurs



Thanks to magnetism the cubes can be attached from any side and in any direction in a fun and easy way – build different kinds of fruit and animals of every shape and color.

The fun doesn’t end here: this set also contains cards with inspiring ideas for more wonderful creations. This game is ideal to fully develop creativity and fine motricity.

This set with magnetic cubes is further enhanced by Magiclips, which attach themselves magically to the cubes, allowing children to express their creativity freely.

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